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Add properties, add colors, make your plastics the way you like them with masterbatches by Kothari Polymers

Kothari Polymers, a masterbatch manufacturer in Vapi, is popular for manufacturing different types of masterbatch, like injection masterbatch, blow molding masterbatch, spinning masterbatch, black masterbatch, white masterbatch, and color masterbatch, which are used to add color, improve properties, or add functionality during processing.


When you need high-performance masterbatches, Kothari Polymer Masterbatches are your best bet. Our masterbatches are known for giving consistent results and you can trust our masterbatch quality for the best outcome for your products.

Sustainable Methods

Kothari Polymers ensures masterbatch manufacturing processes are done in a way that takes care of environmental impact. Green sustainable practices at Kothari Polymer masterbatch manufacturers in Vapi aim at efficient use of energy, reduced waste generation, and clean processes.

Possession of expertise

Kothari Polymers is a perfect amalgamation of expertise and technology. Our sustainable practices, our commitment to quality and our promise to give our clients the best variety of masterbatches motivate us to bring the best products to market for our clients.

35 Years
Years of
Black Masterbatches

Leading Masterbatch Manufacturer in Vapi

When it comes to masterbatch, Kothari Polymers is the unrivalled masterbatch manufacturer in Vapi. We are able to get everything done quickly and easily because of our state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our infrastructure, which consists of cutting-edge technology and equipment, logistical support, and reliable after-sales service, guarantees client satisfaction. after-sales service.

Our group of skilled experts has been put together to speed up all processes. Our staff has been experienced and knowledgeable in this industry for many years and is ready to assist. Thanks to the help and support of our professionals, we have earned our clients’ trust.

Working in tandem with the plastics sector, we are a leading masterbatch supplier that provides innovative, trustworthy, and ecologically conscious solutions. Sustainability and innovation have been our top priorities for the last several years. In order to fulfill our clients’ present and future demands for both standard and specialized solutions, we combine research with world-class manufacturing processes and an experienced workforce to produce high-quality, consistent, and affordable products.

Why Should You Opt for the Kothari Polymers Master Batch?


If your products have properties like phosphorescence, flame retardancy, resistance to UV radiation, anti-static qualities, and anti-slip capabilities, get Kothari Polymer masterbaths for the best outcome.

Durability and Sturdiness

Make your products more durable with additive masterbatches by Kothari Polymers. Give your products the look, strength and premium quality you require at a fraction of the cost of using virgin plastic.

Client Centric

Client-centric processes by Kothari Polymers, a masterbatch manufacturer in Vapi, allow our clients to get masterbatches customized for use as per product specifications. We can customise masterbatches for colors and properties.

Our Products

Key Features

Key Features of Masterbatch

  • Superior quality: We are a team of very competent professionals with extensive expertise who all have a common vision: to be the best in our field and help push it forward. Our goals include expanding our skill set, shaking up established standards, and satisfying market demands.
  • Expertise in the Field: Kothari Polymers is fully committed to tackling any challenges that come up in this dynamic business environment through the integration of technology, expertise, and unwavering dedication. Everything that you see on our site has gone through a stringent quality control procedure that our clients have insisted on, and it has met international quality standards.
  • Optimized Creativity: Kothari Polymers’ masterbatches, which include color masterbatches and those with unique effects, all promote creative optimism by giving customers the freedom to be themselves. We are just as skilled at making things look attractive as we are at making sure they work well. You can trust that the final product you get from us will be of the highest quality when you buy our masterbatches.
Special Effect Masterbatch


Our Wide Range of Applications


Injection Moulding

Household & Consumer Products

Blow Moulding






What Our Clients Say

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Kothari Polymers is the go-to choice for high-quality plastic masterbatches; their products have never disappointed.
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Having been a loyal customer of Kothari Polymers for years, I can vouch for their consistent excellence in delivering top-notch masterbatches that have significantly improved the performance of our plastic products." "I highly recommend Kothari Polymers to any business seeking reliable and innovative plastic masterbatch solutions.
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Kothari Polymers is an outstanding and reliable plastic masterbatch supplier.
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As a customer of Kothari Polymers, I am impressed with their competitive pricing, which offers great value for the high-quality plastic masterbatches they provide.
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Kothari Polymers delivers top-notch masterbatches at unbeatable prices!


A resin carrier with this pigment and additive mix is commercially available in both solid and liquid form. Masterbatches are carefully blended with basic components to change the appearance and qualities of finished products or processes.

It is possible to change the qualities of the plastic carrier by adjusting the base material’s attributes. The desired qualities are accomplished by using a universal carrier that has an enhanced amount of additives.

Plastic product manufacturers employ masterbatches to develop goods with a wide range of qualities, such as resistance to UV radiation, flame, static electricity, and sliding. Furthermore, masterbatches are utilized to color plastic items. Masterbatches are used extensively in a wide range of industries, including automotive, agricultural, construction, consumer products, and packaging. These companies use masterbatches to enhance and reinforce their products.

We offer a variety of masterbatch goods. Our firm provides a wide range of masterbatches, which include colors, additives, fillers, and special effects. PC, PE, PVC, and PVC are some of the polymers that can benefit from our various pigment formulations and grades.

We will ensure that you receive the proper masterbatch for your products, so please inform us of your requirements and specifications.